A puppy who had a litter of puppies; sweet loving pittie urgently needs rescue


Jackie is a once-in-a-lifetime puppy. She is mature beyond her years — especially since she’s not even one year old yet. She’s already had a litter of puppies when she’s just a puppy herself.When she was found as a stray, there were no puppies in sight. Did her owner sell the puppies and then dump her? Did she have them in the scrub where they died? Were they waiting for her return when she was picked up? We will never kno.

jackie breasts

Evidence of having a litter of puppies at her young age

If you watch her video, you see a dog desperate to get out of the cage and be close to people. She loves being touched. She adores people. This is a super loving dog. While she is still a puppy, Jackie is calm and gentle for a pup of seven months. She loves attention and petting. She gives kisses and takes treats very gently. Volunteers are very worried that sweet Jackie will have a hard time getting adopted in Dade County because of the BSL (breed specific legislation that prohibits pit bulls from living in the county). There is also the possibility that Jackie will be adopted by a family who will keep her in the back yard. Jackie is a dog who deserves to be indoors, sharing all the love she has to offer! And that’s a lot.

Jackie is in a small cage at the shelter. They have run out of large kennels, so she is cramped in a cage meant for smaller dogs. But she doesn’t bark or complain. In fact, for the 20 minutes that I stayed by her cage, talking to her and petting her through the bars, she was very happy. Her tail didn’t stop wagging and her yearning for human interaction was evident every minute.


Please share this sweet girl’s story! She deserves a home far away from Miami Dade and its prejudice. She deserves a home with a loving family who will include her in their life each and every day.

Jackie is ID ‪#‎A1798984‬. There may be more information on her Facebook thread. She is at the Miami Dade Animal Services, 3599 NW 79 Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166. The phone number is (305) 884-1101. The shelter is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Email: pets@miamidade.gov for more information.

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