‘The Best Days Are Dog Days’ by Aaron Meshon: picture book for young readers

bestdays dog days

Rating: 4 stars

In “The Best Days Are Dog Days,” Aaron Meshon manages to perfectly capture all the ways living with a dog (or dogs) is similar to having a child. In this simply, but charmingly illustrated story, a French bulldog and his best friend, a young girl, enjoy all that life and the local park have to offer.

Each page shows the story as their adventures relate to the young girl (referred to as Sis) and the dog. The girl and dog sleep, snoring, side by side, on the first page. On the girl’s nightstand are a lamp (decorated with dog bones), a picture of her and her doggie friend, and a barrette (with a dog on it, of course!). On the dog’s side of the bed there is a nightstand, also. On this nightstand are a dog treat, a sock, and a tennis ball.

They wake up and each stretches. Meshon cleverly uses the left and right pages of the book to show Sis, on the left, and Dog, on the right, as they go through the day. Breakfast consists of juice, pancakes, and oatmeal for the humans, and water, kibble, and crumbs for Dog. The humans eat at the table; Dog eats under the table.

The pair get ready together, albeit with different accessories: shoes, jacket and treat (human) and harness, leash, and treat (doggie). Each has a park to go to — Sis with Mom and Dog with Dad. Each makes new friends at the park, plays in water, and each has a potty break. They go to the farmer’s market for sustenance, again human food for Sis and doggie food for Dog. Both get apples, though.

Bath time is fun even though Sis is in the bathtub and Dog is in the sink. Similar body parts get washed whether it’s called a nose or a snout, paws or feet. The inseparable two even brush their teeth together — one with mint toothpaste and the other with beefy-flavored toothpaste. One gets a story and the other a belly rub. And as they snuggle and go to sleep together, they have the same thought in their heads, “We can’t wait for tomorrow!”

Warning: If you don’t already have a dog, reading this book to your child might prove hazardous. It’s almost a guarantee that your child will demand you run to the nearest animal shelter to adopt a dog of your very own! Find almost any breed of dog on PetFinder.com.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Dial for review purposes.

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