Dog found in retention pond after rubber band castration almost killed him


If not for the act of a good Samaritan passing by, Trooper was destined to die slowly, painfully, and cruelly. He was abandoned horribly injured — intentionally — in a rural area near a retention pond. A woman driving by saw a beagle standing in the water. She thought it was curious that he was just standing there in the water, so she stopped to investigate. What she saw horrified her.

He looks years older than one year old

When she pulled the dog from the water, she saw something out of a horror movie. This young dog’s testicles had been wrapped with thick rubber bands and the whole area had turned black. The testicles were literally rotting off his body. She rushed him to the veterinarian, and it was lucky that she did, for without immediate surgery, this dog would have died. The rescuer paid the $500 bill for the surgery, but the dog was also diagnosed with heartworm, and the woman didn’t have the money for treatment. She posted for help on a local Oveido Facebook page.

A local rescuer saw her post and contacted Paradise for Pets Rescue, a local rescue. They were filled and not taking in more animals, but couldn’t turn this dog away. Even with their already huge vet bills, they accepted the dog into their rescue, and appropriately named him Trooper. Trooper went to a foster home, and two days later, when he stopped eating and drinking, he went to the veterinarian. The veterinarian is keeping Trooper for five days without charging for boarding. They are charging a deeply discounted rate for his antibiotics, pain patches and wound cleanings.

As of Tuesday morning, Trooper was still at Vineland Animal Hospital, but he is more alert and relaxed. The pain patches seem to be helping a lot. He has been given IV fluids and has had blood work done. Even though Vineland is full because of the holiday boarding, they are still not charging the rescue for keeping Trooper. Everyone there has fallen in love with Trooper, and staff and their families have donated for his care. If anyone wants to donate for Trooper’s care, they can call the vet’s at (407) 233-3386 and help. Be sure to say that it’s a donation for Trooper.

The rescue is hoping that once Trooper is healthy, he won’t exhibit signs of his abuse. Whoever had Trooper may have just been ignorant and thought that because some ranchers castrate cattle with bands, it’s okay to do on a dog. Or it may have been someone who intentionally decided to abuse this young dog. They hope that Trooper is resilient enough to come through this abuse with his personality and temperament unscathed. A police report has been filed, but there is no indication to whom Trooper may have belonged.

One thing is certain. If not for the woman who stopped because she thought something looked “off” about Trooper in the water, he would certainly be dead right now. And that’s a good lesson. Don’t drive by an animal in need. If your gut tells you something strange is going on, it probably is. This writer has had her family turn a car around on an expressway to double back to an exit where a dog is wandering, just to find that the dog had an owner watching it. Better safe than sorry.

On Trooper’s Facebook thread, the rescue posted: “Paradise for Pets Rescue is a 501c non-profit organization. They are only able to help animals in need through donations. No amount given is too small. Please consider giving, so animals like Trooper have a chance, and more can be saved from kill shelters. There is a Paypal link under “Donate” at the top of the page on the rescue website. Direct to vet gifts can be called into Vineland Animal Hospital as well (see above). The Paradise for Pets Rescue Facebook page may have updated information on Trooper. Page “Likes” are always appreciated! Please foster, adopt, donate, educate, spay, and neuter. Please care.”

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