Board books for babies in 2016


There is a plethora of board books for young babies this summer — from teaching a baby about seasons and shapes and the alphabet to telling stories that even older children will enjoy.

Lovers of the plush teddy bear Corduroy will love to read the two board books: “Corduroy’s Seasons” and “Corduroy’s Shapes.” In the first book, children learn about the seasons by seeing Corduroy play in each, from autumn through summertime fun. In “Corduroy’s Shapes,” Corduroy has a birthday party. and the shapes form part of each page from the rectangle birthday gift to the diamond-shaped kite they fly.

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s ABC” by Eric Carle contains Carle’s distinctive illustrations from “A – ants” to “Z – zebra” with caterpillars, frogs and other animals in between.

“Little Sleepyhead” by Elizabeth McPike and Patrice Barton is a simple rhyming book about the different parts of little children’s bodies. Each spread features a different child with plenty of diversity and plenty of cuteness. By the end, it’s been a long day and the child in the story is ready for bed (and one might hope the child the book is being read to, as well!).

“Look!” by Jeff Mack, “Blue Boat” and “Yellow Copter” by Kersten Hamilton and Valeria Petrone are board books that are the same as the children’s books by the same names. In “Look!” Mack cleverly balances the words “look” with the words “look out” through illustrations and situations that will make kids laugh. It also clearly demonstrates the difference adding the “out” after the word “look” makes in meaning.

In “Yellow Copter” and “Blue Boat” the copter and boat each save the day when danger is near. Simple words, rhyme, lots of onomatopoeia, and simple illustrations make these books that kids will want to read again and again.

Please note: This is based on the board books provided by the publishers for review purposes.