‘Scents and Sensibility’ by Spencer Quinn: Another fabulous Chet and Bernie book


Rating: 5 stars

“Scents and Sensibility” by Spencer Quinn (also knows as Peter Abrahams) takes the light-hearted, humor-filled, lovely duo consisting of Bernie, the bumbling detective, and Chet, his smarter-than-a-border-collie companion, and brings in some drama. Bernie may be in danger, but when Chet is threatened, readers get worried.

And Chet is in a sticky, dangerous situation in this book. It is really touch-and-go for a while. But, of course, the reader can take solace in the fact that without Chet, there is no Chet and Bernie series. So in the end, Chet has to come out unscathed. They take on a network of thieves who steal cacti, and in fact, learn about this when their elderly neighbor (Izzy’s dad), is presented with a stolen cactus by his neer-do-well son. Trouble ensues. Lots of trouble.

Otherwise, it’s another detective story with the fabulous character of Chet telling the story in his inimitable manner — with all sorts of doggy starts and stops and digressions (especially when there are delicious or especially pungent aromas on the scene). The ending of this book is especially touching. Most readers will want to read it over (and maybe over yet again, to be sure they are understanding it). It’s beautifully written and very emotional.

This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Atria Books for review purposes.