‘Fridays with the Wizards’ by Jessica Day George


Rating: 4 1/2 stars

“Fridays with the Wizards” is the fourth book in the series that began with “Tuesdays at the Castle,” continued with “Wednesdays in the Tower,” and then “Thursdays with the Crown,” by Jessica Day George. The books are all clever and filled with characters who are brave, honorable, and very quirky.

The books really should be read in order so that the characters and the previous plots are understood. This latest book takes place with Celie, the protagonist, getting used to the idea that her sister Lilah is getting married to their friend (and Prince from a neighboring kingdom) Lulath. At the same time, things are mysteriously disappearing from the Castle, and Celie is determined to investigate and find out who (or what) is the cause of the disappearances.

It all comes together when she discovers that it is Arkwright, a powerful and evil wizard who has escaped from the Castle’s dungeon, who has been stealing the items. Celie believes that she knows where he is hiding, but stopping him could be very dangerous.

Celie is also very frustrated at the very real feeling that while she is the one discovering important solutions and finding out that Arkwright is the thief, no one really listens when she has suggestions. But Celie is brave and she is determined to do what needs to be done. Because of her intelligence and perseverance, Celie succeeds where others failed.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Bloomsbury Children’s Books for review purposes.