‘Silent Creed’ by Alex Kava: thriller and action and dogs

silent creed

Rating: 4 stars

“Silent Creed” by Alex Kava is a solid government espionage/action thriller with the added bonus of search and rescue dogs. Several dogs — all of them wonderful. The story is well done. It’s about Ryder Creed, who trains search and rescue dogs and is called upon to help the government find a mysterious lab that has disappeared under a mudslide. Creed will be working with an old acquaintance from the military, Peter Logan. This is the second book in the series that began with “Breaking Creed,” and it brings back Special Agent Maggie O’Dell, who is with the FBI and who has a back history (she has her own series of books), but is definitely interested in Ryder Creed. That interest, ignited in the first Creed book, continues to spark.

Kava also introduces us to new characters, including a senator investigating the government’s use of civilians in biological and chemical testing, and he also provides flashbacks telling the story about Creed and Logan in Afghanistan, flashbacks which effectively develop their characters. And Kava will learn what other authors now know — writing about dogs is a sure-fire way to draw in readers. David Rosenfelt, for example, writes wonderful mysteries. But they are all the more wonderful for the inclusion of dogs in each and every one.

And in the Creed novels, it’s a sure thing that readers will get to see the dogs, pick their favorites (Grace is a good choice), and keep up with the latest. Of course readers will care about Maggie and Ryder. But the dogs? The dogs will draw readers like flies to honey. Guaranteed.

Pick this up without feeling like you need to start with the first book. There’s nothing confusing, although if you are just beginning to read the series, it doesn’t hurt to begin at the beginning.

Please note that this review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Putnam, the publisher, for review purposes.