‘A Fistful of Collars’ brings back the great detective duo – Chet and Bernie


Rating: 5 stars

Spencer Quinn has done it again. “A Fistful of Collars,” with the detective duo of Bernie Little and Chet the dog, solves a cold murder case that is so old and cold it’s encased in ice. Chet, the real brains (or should I say nose) of the operation, is in his prime.

Fans of Spencer Quinn’s quirky mysteries written from Chet’s point of view will enjoy this fifth edition of the series. The story teems with mysteries. Big mysteries and small ones. Mysteries that are solved (the murder) and mysteries that will not be solved until future books are written. (Hurry up, Spencer!)

Bernie, for all his foibles — like really, really poor financial planning — is truly a decent, upstanding kind of guy. When a movie actor he is babysitting (guarding) has self-destructive tendencies and acts really guilty, Bernie smells something fishy.

Between Chet and Bernie, the bad guy doesn’t stand a chance. With the help of Suzie, Bernie’s now long-distance girlfriend, and a few others, the mystery (and the cold case murder) are solved. But it’s not simple and there are a few deaths along the way.

Those who enjoy Chet’s lightning-quick responses and Bernie’s somewhat slower reactions will love this book. One of Spencer Quinn’s ancestors must have been a dog — he gets what one can suppose are their thought patterns perfectly. Dog owners will love hearing Chet’s thoughts.

Now, even cat lovers can enjoy the series because this book features (in a secondary role, of course) a cat. Not a permanent character, but at least a feline gets a guest appearance.

Make sure to visit Chet’s website for information about appearances.

Please note: this review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Atria Books, for review purposes.