‘Truth Be Told’ by Hank Phillippi Ryan: A Jane Ryland novel

truthbe told

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

“Truth Be Told” by Hank Phillippi Ryan features Jane Ryland, an intrepid journalist who has lost her job and is working for an online edition of a newspaper. She stumbles on a mystery involving foreclosures, murders and bank fraud.

At the same time, her sometimes-boyfriend Jake Brogan, who inconveniently (or conveniently, at times) is a cop, is investigating a recent confession to a twenty-year-old murder. He’s invested in solving the murder because it was one that his grandfather, the police commissioner, never solved. But why would someone confess after twenty years? The clues don’t add up.

As usual, Ryan does everything right in this murder mystery. She brings in a new character, young Lizzie McDivitt, the daughter of the bank president, who works in the loan department. Lizzie also happens to have a soft heart — not only for those who are in danger of foreclosure, but also for handsome young men.

Jane is torn between the job that she loves and her relationship with a cop — a big no-no, especially for him. Ryan is a master at ending the chapters on a high note, at points at which most readers will not want to put the book down. That makes reading this book in one sitting a real possibility.

Good mystery, lots of clues, a few red herrings, the main character in real danger, a bit of unrequited love — add it all up and it makes for a great read. While it is nice to have read some of the previous Jane Ryland books to have background on some of the repeating characters, it’s not necessary. Each book certainly stands on its own.

Please note: This review is based on the advance readers copy provided by the publisher, Forge, for review purposes.