‘A Dog’s Journey’ by W. Bruce Cameron: a four tissue and five star read


Rating: 5 stars

“A Dog’s Journey” by W. Bruce Cameron will make you cry. It will make you cry often.

One might ask, why read a book where the dog dies not just once, but four times? Because, in spite of the tears, it’s a fabulous book. It’s a story that anyone who loves a dog or cat will adore. It’s a story that we want to believe is true.

Everyone who has lost a cherished pet wants desperately to believe that that pet will be reborn and find its way to them — somehow. Reading this book, nodding your head, wanting to believe that Billy, a much loved Shetland Sheep dog mix has come back as Bentley, an Aussie mix — that’s the kind of hope that this book inspires (at least in this reviewer).

Even for readers who aren’t dog fanatics, it’s just a great story. This story centers on the grandchild of Ethan, the human who was so loved by the same dog (in previous incarnations) throughout the first book, “A Dog’s Purpose.”

Although at the end of that book it seemed that there could not be a sequel, Cameron manages to create one, and he creates it so beautifully that from the first page the reader is hooked.

This time, the story begins at the end of a dog’s life instead of at the beginning. It is also the story of CJ, the daughter of Ethan’s son (who dies young), and a narcissistic woman who is probably one of the worst mothers imaginable.

It’s also the story of how a dog can make a huge difference in the life of a human. When there is no love from others, a dog can provide unconditional love.

The readers will root for CJ as she makes difficult decisions and above all, refuses to abandon her beloved dog(s).

Cameron also includes in the story a recent discovery about dogs‘ ability to smell out cancer. Dogs have shown they can smell lung cancer on the breath of people, bladder cancer from urine samples, and skin cancer. Take out another tissue!

Like the first book, this book is a fantastic gift for any animal lover. Better yet, buy both as a set! It’s a guaranteed hit.

Please note: This review is based on the uncorrected advance reading copy provided by the publisher, Forge, for review purposes.