‘I Am Princess X’ by Cherie Priest: Great YA fiction/graphic novel


Rating: 5 stars

“I Am Princess X” by Cherie Priest is the first book I’ve read in a few days (I read a lot) that I’ve really been unable to put down. The story gets exciting pretty quickly when May’s best friend Libby is killed in a car accident. She and her mother die when their car goes off a bridge.

Or does it?

Three years later, May sees a sticker with the character that she and Libby had created in their comic strip. Only they knew about it, and the sticker, of Princess X, is exactly like their character. Blue hair, puffy pink dress, red Chucks, gold crown, and a katana sword. There’s no mistake.

May must decide what that means. She finds the website for Princess X and realizes that the site belongs to her friend, Libby. But as she reads the online comic, she begins to understand what happened to Libby and why she must find her friend. But it’s not that easy.

The book is not only fascinating, it’s fun to read with the alternating text and graphics. The reader is reading about Libby’s life through the comic while seeing what May is doing to try to find her.

The story moves at breakneck speed, just like some of the chase scenes. It’s a book that will be enjoyed by kids in middle school or high school, but also by adults who want a quick, fun read.

It’s just very well done. Read it twice. Enjoy.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Arthur A. Levine Books (Scholastic Press) for review purposes.