‘Naughty Kitty!’ by Adam Stower: Clever and sweet picture book


Rating: 5 stars

Adam Stower’s clever picture book, “Naughty Kitty” is clever before the reader even gets to the title page. The endpapers have clues that will help the reader solve the mystery that lurks in the corners of every page of this lovely picture book.

Lily wanted a dog but her mother preferred an animal that was less smelly and less messy. So Lily got a kitty. She learned that a cat doesn’t sit or roll over but is still quite cute in his own way. And he seemed trouble-free, at least until Lily left him alone and came back to what could only be described as a catastrophe.

Each time Lily turned her back, her naughty cat caused a mess — or did he? Perspicacious readers will note the orange and tan stripes that appear behind a window and an orange and tan tail protruding from the curtains.

It’s all confusion which is both cleverly created and fun to see, with surprises around every corner and every turn of the page. Kids will want to read this book over and over to see and understand more with each reading. And wise teachers and parents will help their young readers notice all the ways words are cleverly and humorously crafted by the author.

Please note: This review is based on the F&G advance copy provided by the publisher, Scholastic Press, for review purposes.