‘Dogs and Puppies’ by Jinny Johnson is a perfect book for young dog lovers


Rating: 4 stars

“Dogs and Puppies” by Jinny Johnson and published by Black Rabbit Books is one of a series of nonfiction books perfect for the school library or classroom. The series is “Get To Know Your Pet,” and includes other titles such as “Cats and Kittens” and “Guinea Pigs.”

The book is a fairly slender paperback with a picture of a cute Golden Retriever puppy on the cover. Johnson includes a suitable combination of photographs, graphics and text on each page.

Classroom teachers will love the nonfiction text features that young readers need to learn about. The book includes a table of contents, glossary, index, pictures with captions, and question and answer format information.

Perhaps most importantly, the book includes important information about dog safety and dog health. The book warns against buying a dog from a pet store because of the likelihood that such a dog might come from a puppy mill. (Congratulations, Jinny, on informing young readers about that!)

The book also covers the importance of neutering and spaying to prevent unwanted litters and of microchipping a dog to prevent its getting lost.

The books in this series are books that will be read over and over by young animal lovers. The books can also be used by the astute classroom teacher in showing students how nonfiction text features help good readers locate information, figure out unfamiliar words, and understand captions.

Please note: this review is based on the final paperback book provided by the publisher, Black Rabbit Books, for review purposes.