‘Wipeout of the Wireless Weenies’ by David Lubar: Creepy stories you’ll love


Rating: 5 stars

David Lubar, in his inimitable style, has created “Wipeout of the Wireless Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales,” yet another book of short stories featuring stories that include the creepy, the scary, and the thoughtful. All are imbued with the trademark Lubar humor. All can be enjoyed by kids and adults of almost all ages.

Kids and their parents and teachers all know the allure of a well-written short story. It’s quick, it’s great for a nighttime story, and it’s perfect when teaching a 45-minute class. Lubar has written many “Weenie” books. and his latest has short stories that will generate classroom (and dinner-time) conversations.

Many have a twist at the end. Some just leave you thinking. And some have no ending…leaving an opportunity for students to write their own endings.

Lubar also offers teachers a website with a listing of the Weenie stories containing a topical and literary index. For example the links under “ambiguity (of language)” lead readers to three short stories which in turn each have a link to its synopsis and discussion/activities/other useful information.

Lubar is also the author of a set of short stories for older readers, “Extremities,” and an “Accidental Monster” series of books including “The Wavering Werewolf.”

Why 5-stars for this book? Because it fills a real need in the intermediate school classroom — short stories that can be used for a variety of topics and purposes. Kids really enjoy the stories. Adults do, too.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Tor, for review purposes.