Dog On It and Thereby Hangs a Tail are two clever, suspenseful and just fun books to read


Rating: 5 stars

“Dog On It,” the first book in the series by Spencer Quinn, introduces Bernie, a somewhat down-on-his luck private investigator, whose assistant is the able canine Chet. Chet, who flunked K-9 school (for reasons he alludes to in the book), narrates the tale.

A teenager has disappeared, and Bernie suspects the father is involved. Together, they solve the disappearance with both PIs using their individual talents. For example, while Chet is not good at reading maps, as he explains, his nose is far superior to any map.

Bernie is a likable character whose concern for the environment becomes a running gag because Chet doesn’t quite understand what an aquifer is.

The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages, the characters are well-written, the mystery is appropriately mysterious–what more could you ask? An adorable dog? Good writing? Included at no extra charge.
As Jessica Moyer of Booklist Online writes: The always upbeat Chet may well be one of the most appealing new detectives on the block, but conscientious, kind, and environmentally aware Bernie is a close runner-up. Essential for all mystery collections and for dog lovers everywhere.
“Thereby Hangs A Tail,” the sequel, continues with the crime busting duo. Publishers Weekly said, Quinn manages to keep things both humorous and suspenseful… a proper, satisfying whodunit.

Check out the video on facebook for the release of Dog On It in Germany. Or you can visit the official blog of Chet the Dog. It’s all fun.