‘A Dark Inheritance: Book One in Unicorne Files’ by Chris D’Lacey


Rating: 4 stars

Chris D’Lacey, author of the popular “Last Dragon Chronicles,” continues writing about supernatural beasts with “Unicorne Files: A Dark Inheritance.” The unicorn is the supernatural creature in this book, but there are many more supernatural elements, including ghosts, time shifting, and universe shifting.

Michael Malone seems to be a normal kid living with his mother and sister. His father disappeared three years ago, and the family has still not recovered from that loss. When Michael sees a dog near a cliff, he somehow just knows that the dog is going to jump, and he rushes from their car to save the dog. What he ends up doing is supernatural in nature. Those watching see him almost disappear from one place to appear next to the dog and rescue it.

He is quickly recruited by a mysterious man with a German accent to join an even more mysterious organization called UNICORNE, a group investigating strange and paranormal phenomena. After hearing that his father worked for them, he agrees to join only if he can investigate his father’s disappearance.

There is a lot of action, and the plot is well-conceived if a little confusing. A new girl at school, Freya, who looks a bit strange, becomes part of Michael’s investigation. Why is the dog that Michael rescued so attracted to her? What is her connection to the young owner of the dog who was killed three years ago?

The first person narrative rings true, and the story flows quickly. It’s a book that’s easy to finish in a short time, and that’s good because readers quickly get involved with the characters and want to know the outcome.

Of course, it’s only the first of a series about Michael and this supernatural investigation agency, UNICORNE. What did happen to Michael’s father? What will Michael’s next mission be? And what (no spoiler here) about that last page reveal?

Find out in the next installment.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Scholastic Press, for review purposes.