Why are dogs still hidden at the old Miami-Dade shelter?

hex pic killed mdas

Hex, killed at this “no kill” shelter. Not aggressive, not in isolation. Why was he killed?

Why are dogs still hidden at the old Miami Dade Animal Services building? Why have they not made the move to the new, air conditioned building as the other dogs did? Why do those in charge refuse to give a list of dogs left at the old shelter or what their disposition will be? Volunteers fear the worst.

It’s been two-and-one-half months since Miami Dade Animal Services had their grand opening, replete with politicians and county employees grinning and showing off the new facility. However, what no one talked about were the dogs who were left in the heat at the old shelter. Those dogs had no way of being seen by the public. Some had pictures on PetHarbor, if people knew to look there. Others, like Olga, didn’t even merit a picture on her PetHarbor page. Olga entered the shelter system after the new shelter opened, but for some reason, she seems to have been stuck in the old shelter where there is no hope she will be seen or rescued. (See “Dog unavailable at new Miami shelter; is she at the old shelter and why?“)

A former volunteer drove by the old shelter and took video recording the sounds of the many dogs still there. If the old shelter is being used for sick dogs, why is that? The old shelter lacks air conditioning, and one of the points that the shelter director boasted of regarding the new shelter is the air-purification system. Their press release states:

The air-conditioning system is designed to control cross contamination of disease, facilitating six air changes per hour in the canine/feline adoption suites facilitates ventilation of fresh outside air, mitigating odors and reducing the spread of disease.

If that is indeed the case, why isolate the sick animals in the old shelter where the dogs will certainly be less comfortable in the heat? Why are they not housed and being treated in the new shelter where the new veterinary services reside? Who is taking care of those dogs?

In an email questioning why there were dogs at the old shelter, on June 29th, this writer received these answers:

Dogs remaining at the Medley shelter over the transition to the new pet Adoption and Protection Center are those diagnosed with or under treatment for URI. Dogs are not being moved from the new center to the Medley shelter due to URI. They are available for adoption, rescue and transport and are posted on Pet Harbor as are all adoptable dogs in the Department’s custody.  Yes, dogs from the URI section of the Medley shelter are being moved over to the new shelter as they recover. Dogs were moved from the Medley shelter to the new center on 6/11, 6/14, 6/15, 6/18, 6/21 and 6/22.  Yes, they are posted on Pet Harbor as are all adoptable dogs in the Department’s custody.

The implication in the email was that the dogs are quickly being moved to the new shelter. All of them. Yet that does not appear to have happened. Dogs with URI recover in less than two months. Even the sickest dog on June 15th should have recovered by now and been moved to the new shelter.

This is the shelter that proclaims they are “no kill.” Hex was a sweet pit bull who was described as “Hex ‪#‎A1805464‬ very sad, subdued pitbull mix boy..he has a heavily scarred back, a testament to a rough past life..sniffling and shivering, likely beginnings of URI; he comes in close to be caressed and petted. He’s a small boy of maybe 45 lb located at Miami Dade Animal Services.” He was reportedly killed last night. This dog was not aggressive — he loved being touched. He was not sick enough to be quarantined. If he was killed, why?

The shelter management needs to answer these questions. The tax-paying public has a right to know what goes on in both the new shelter and the old shelter.

(Also see: “Miami Dade Animal Services lacks many basic necessities“)

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9 thoughts on “Why are dogs still hidden at the old Miami-Dade shelter?

  1. file charges on these people at the shelter for neglect and abuse. they are not above the law.. get thsee animals help. start screaming and shouting, get the news media involved.. you have to be their voice.. Damn people get off your asses and do something . stop with the excuses do something….


  2. The administration at MDAS is what’s wrong with MDAS. They are all smoke and mirrors, and are adept at covering up the horrible things that go on behind closed doors at MDAS. It is a nightmare whether in the new building or before at the old building. Joseph Goebbels in a bunny suit would still be Joseph Goebbels.


  3. These dogs are the dogs waiting on transport. They used Comfort Kennels for years, and now they use the old building. There is no super secret mission.


    • That is not true. I have a insider supervisor that informed me they are killing all the dogs that are being picked up. The large one are the first to go. The director do not want the new shelter overcrowded. This is all lies. We the tax payer paid for rhe new shelter, we have rights.


  4. I agree with Charmaine. This needs to be looked into and if there is in fact negligence and abuse, charges must be filed.

    Question is, who is in charge and responsible for this and are they honest and caring…

    If you have names and contacts, please share as I would happily make calls and send correspondence.

    It’s very disturbing 😓


  5. This is unacceptable. Calling news outlets in Miami now to go to old shelter to see why dogs are still there being moved to the new facility. This senseless murdering of precious, adoptable dogs NEEDS TO STOP AT MIAMI DADE!!!


  6. Vote them out and then bring in people that actually care about animals. That is the only way you will change things. When people show you who they are, believe them. The current Powers that be have already shown us what they are capable of, so why are we so surprised that liars continue to lie and abusers continue to abuse? Miami has a candidate waiting that is willing to honor what the voters want in regards to our defenseless animal population. Vote her in and let’s start getting things done.


  7. Why not take the old building down if it’s that bad tear it down they have the New one it’s all they need the person that drove by I would have the dogs out myself


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