Black dog hit by car; she’s badly injured and urgently needs rescue


injured girl

Look at the plea in her eyes. She’s in pain, she has a horribly broken leg, and one of her eyes was destroyed by her accident. This young dog is begging for help.

A sweet black terrier mix is in urgent need of a foster home and rescue. She was hit by a car and is in the Clayton County shelter in Georgia. The vet’s office diagnosed her with a fractured front left leg and severely injured eye. They believe the eye will need to be removed. She has what must be painful road rash on the right side of her face and on her leg.

injured dogIn spite of her pain, she has been sweet and gentle. Look at her picture — all she wants is to be held and loved and feel safe. She urgently needs to be with a rescue so that she can get the medical care that she needs immediately! Her leg and eye need to be treated. The shelter cannot provide the care she needs.

Please take a minute and share her story. If you live in the area, please consider fostering. With a foster offer, a rescue might step up. 

She is ID#161980. She arrived at the shelter yesterday, July 7. If you are a rescue and can foster this girl or need more information please email or call 770-477-3509. The shelter is located at 1396 Government Circle, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236. There may be more information on her Facebook thread

Again, sharing saves lives. Merely hitting the “like” button on Facebook does not help animals in need because unless you actually share the article, no one see the animal in need. Please help animals who urgently need rescuing by sharing their stories on Facebook and other social media.

9 thoughts on “Black dog hit by car; she’s badly injured and urgently needs rescue

    • The shelter does not provide veterinary care. They want her to be rescued so she can be helped. If you go to the Facebook link in her article and pledge money to help with her veterinary costs, sometimes that will enable a rescue to help a dog with many medical costs involved. However, be careful! Some unscrupulous “rescues” take a dog with high pledges and then dump the dog after getting the money. Many people prefer to pay pledges directly to the veterinarian’s office or only after seeing a medical bill posted online. Thank you!


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