Seven Year Switch by Claire Cook


Rating: 5 stars

In Seven Year Switch, Claire Cook really makes the reader care about Jill, a single mom. Jill is a single mom because her husband, a fellow inveterate lover of world travel, took off to continue his travels without her and their three year old daughter, leaving behind an empty bank account and a shocked spouse and daughter.

When Seth, the disappearing husband, reappears after seven years without a word, he wants to be part of both his daughter’s life and Jill’s.

But can you forgive someone whom you loved with all your heart–and who left you bereft, broke, and alone? Seven years alone, trying to be both mother and father; seven years trying to support two; and seven years trying to keep the bitterness and anger out of her daughter’s sphere of awareness.

Claire Cook includes a plethora of great characters in Seven Year Switch.

There is the neighbor Cynthia. Cynthia, tennis-playing, diamond-wearing, drop-dead beautiful, and uncharacteristically generous, but full of malapropisms. Jill, while grateful for the designer kitchen sink and new porch railings, wonders how to help Cynthia learn to speak properly.

For example, Cynthia says to Jill, ‘”I almost picked you up some vertigo blinds my client was getting rid of this morning, but I think we should only go for high-end hand-me-down.”

“Vertical,” I said. I mean how could Cynthia build her business if no one corrected her when she misspoke?

“Vertigo,” Cynthia said, “is what they give me…“‘

When her luggage appears after catching a different flight to Costa Rica, she says, ‘”Whew, that was a clothes call.“‘

There is also Billy, a new client who needs advice on doing business in Japan. He dresses in bike shorts, and his idea of dressed-up is a polo shirt and jeans.

There are also the seniors from the community center who love Jill’s class on international cooking and culture. They are her pseudo-parents, generous with advice and gentle teasing.

Claire keeps the reader guessing until the end–will Jill forgive Seth? Will she finally take a long-deserved and coveted vacation? And what will she do with Billy, who would like to take their relationship to a different level?

It’s a trip–and one worth taking! Visit Claire Cook on her website for more information about all her books, her giveaways, her blog and more.

Please note: This book review was based on the final paperback book provided by the publisher.